Pedagogie Curativă Orfeu
Recuperation and therapy by means of art - Orpheus

Orpheus-god of music, singer of lira, capable in its performances to lead people to enchant trees and rocks, a great civilizing, able to learn the mysteries of art and mysteries of the spirit, to heal souls. The Music of Orpheus has great resources, with a spell power, able to purify the soul and also to treat the body by raising the psychological factor. Music is closely linked with emotional feelings and therefore can awaken what is often a deeper collapse.

This awakening of "love" is an essential and vitally important to that contribute to gaining a sense of confidence. Music is meant to shape human characters, human nature itself. Thus, the nature and nature of music that generalized affective states provides a causal link, establishing links interrelated and closely followed the process instructive.

Through song and poetry man reaches a soft feeling positive. In other way music is gives an important educational and social function-that of peer nature, the rise of the upper level of dignity and humanism. Inspired by the music of Orpheus the teachers of our institution have the role of psychotherapist .

Knowing his own "harp" (the divine part of the soul), bring harmony in the divine soul, on the one hand, and on the other hand knowing the origin of spiritual problems, know how to "sing" when trying to soothe children. They know themselves, know what is humility and love his neighbor infancy, for without such joy can not really help, nor do really well or really care to recover from someone.

Recuperation and therapy by means of art - Orpheus